Launch Links is Here
We just released a brand new tool called Launch Links that will allow you to generate more traffic from your social networks like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and more...
Launch Links allows you to share more URLs with your social followers and generate more traffic.
This is a FREE tool and we've included it into your Launch Cart account. Watch the video below to see how you can start using this new tool.
If you're logged into Launch Cart, just find the Launch Link's button of the top left of your admin panel or visit https://LaunchLinks.io today to get started. You can sign-in with your current LaunchCart.com login information as it uses the same account info.
More Themes + More Customization Options Coming Soon...
**New theme library and theme editor has been released.
  1. You'll be able to select, preview, and edit different theme options.
  2. You'll be able to choose different color options for your store.
  3. We've redesigned the theme editor to be more user-friendly
  4. You'll have more widgets you can show on your homepage
  5. More themes will constantly be added to Launch Cart on an on-going basis moving forward as well.
To find this new feature, login to your Launch Cart Store Admin panel and go to >Appearance>Themes
Automatic Abandoned Carts Emails Are Here...
We have a NEW feature alert that's guaranteed to increase your store's revenue. Now Launch Cart will automatic email and follow up your store's visitors who abandoned their checkout.
You can find this new feature by going to >Settings>Abandoned Carts or view your abandoned carts table by going to >Orders>Abandoned Carts.
Order Lookup, Drag 'n Drop Categories, Zoom in Product Previews and more...
We've got great news.
Our developers have been working hard on new improvements. Here's what's new in your account.
Order Lookup:
Your store's customers now have a place on your store where they lookup their previous orders and viewing shipping tracking. This "order lookup" link is now available in the footer of your store.
Drag 'n Drop Categories:
Now you can easily rearrange your categories list and change the order by dragging and dropping your categories in any order you'd like.
Zoom in Product Previews:
Now when a visitor is viewing a product on your store, they can mouse-over a product image and see an enlarged zoomed in version.
Site Search:
We've improved your store's search function. Made it faster and enabled a search box on the top of your store.
New Designs:
100's of additional Images have been added to the design marketplace. If you haven't checked yet, browse over to the Design Marketplace to see all the new images that are available to be purchased to be used on your own custom Print on Demand products.
New Update 10.4.19 - Updates and Fixes
A few small improvements and changes were pushed out to all Launch Cart users. These include:
1. Most recent POD products:
This is a big time saver. Now when browsing the POD catalog, you'll see "most recent" items at the top of the list. This will allow you to instantly pick a recent product and be taken directly into the mockup builder, saving you the extra time of having to click multiple times to find the product you want to customize.
2. Override Shipping Prices From Printful:
Now you can set custom shipping rates for your print-on-demand products created through printful. Simply find a printful product listed in your >products list, edit that product, and set a custom shipping rate. This will allow you override the default shipping rates to increase or lower or even offer free shipping to your store customers.
Design Marketplace Is LIVE
We're excited to announce that our design marketplace is officially LIVE. It will work with your existing credits (if you already have some) and it will be integrated with your Printful account so you can instantly push designs into Printful.
No you can search our ever growing library to find the perfect designs for your print on demand products.
To view the design marketplace, go to Products>Create New>Design Marketplace or go to: https://app.launchcart.com/admin/artwork/browse
Now you can add a contact form to your store.
Every launch cart store owner now has a built-in contact form they can add to their navigation menu, and inside your header and footer sections.
Find this new contact form inside your >Appearance>Pages
Add this to your store's menu at >Appearance>Menus>Add New
Add links to your contact form in header and footer by editing your general settings at >Appearance>General
Watch this video to see how it
Integration with Printful is Complete.
Your Launch Cart store now comes included with Printful's POD catalog. This means you'll be able to instantly customize and sell over 160+ print-on-demand products like t-shirts, hats, mugs, and more without needing to install any 3rd-party apps.
Add Pages & Edit Your Navigation Menus
Your Launch Cart eCommerce store just got better. We've added the ability for you to add custom pages and edit the header navigation menu of your site. This is just a small phase of what we have planned in order to bring you more customization options over the look and feel of your eCommerce store.
Here's what's new:
  • Create and add custom pages to your store
  • Edit and add new navigation menus to your store.
Upgraded Server & Database Infrastructure
In our mission to provide one the fastest e-commerce platforms on the net, we’ve made BIG changes to Launch Cart’s infrastructure and codebase.
**Here’s what’s been upgraded so far:
  • We hired a DBA (Database Administrator) to help us create a new database structure that will be optimized for Launch Cart’s growth and long-term vision of scalability for our high-traffic users.
  • We upgraded our infrastructure to the latest technologies and optimized every single aspect of it.
  • We added multi layers of caching.
  • Our developers re-coded and improved database queries optimized for speed.
  • We’re using a lot of background jobs to process and execute things that the user does not need to wait in the interface for.
  • Improved security.
  • Moved Launch Cart’s code base to new server infrastructure on GCP (Google’s Cloud Platform).
  • We have implemented the latest technologies out there in terms of software … and how we apply that software in code as best practices.
  • Using a lot of things to improve the overall page speed, by offloading some of the heavier jobs to the queue and cache.
  • As you can see, our team has been busy working in the background improving Launch Cart for you. Speed and optimization are key to ensuring your visitors get a fast loading site and it ultimately makes every Launch Cart E-commerce Store convert higher when your store loads faster.
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