New Shipping Feature
Part 1
Part 2
We've released a HUGE feature that gives you more control over your shipping rates. Watch these 2 short videos to learn how to create shipping rules, how to create custom shipping rates, and how to limit your products to certain countries and regions.
You can find this new feature in >Settings>Shipping
New Tax Controls
New Tax Controls are here.
You now have full control over your tax rates. You can either disable or enable taxes for your account on a country, state/city/providence or even zip/postal code range.
Watch the video above to learn how to enable taxes and how to create a new rule.
Inventory Management is here!
Inventory management is here. You'll see a new section in your Launch Cart admin called "Inventory" that will allow you to control what happens to sold-out products.
These new features include:
  • How much inventory a product & variant has
  • What happens when a product becomes out of stock (choose to keep selling or stop selling)
  • Search and edit all your product inventory levels
  • Enable product inventory to be tracked by the Launch Cart system
To enable this new feature, just click on "Edit" on one of your manually created products and turn ON the "track inventory" option. Once you've enabled this, you can head over to Products>Inventory to make more changes.
New - List Builder Pro - Create stunning email popups
Your Launch Cart account just got a BIG upgrade. Now you can create email popups and subscription forms that popup on your website.
Just navigate to >Marketing Tools in your navigation menu to see.
NEW - Drag 'n Drop Checkout Editor Tool
We've released new and upgraded drag 'n drop editor for your default checkout page. We have many more improvements coming so keep checking back for updates.
You can now:
  • Show/hide form fields on the checkout page
  • Enable a "customer notes" field
  • Make certain fields required or not
  • Enable a "terms-of-service checkout box" on checkout page
  • Drag 'n drop elements onto the page
  • Drag a count down timer onto the checkout page
  • Show your theme logo on the checkout page
  • Customize the checkout button text and colors
  • and more...
**What's coming in the future?
  • Ability to add "bump offers" to your checkout page
  • Ability to show product reviews on the checkout screen
  • Ability to add custom fields
  • Ability to configure more settings
Mailchimp Integration Is Here
You can now sync your customers and their order data to MailChimp. You can also sync your newsletter subscribers to MailChimp as well from your Launch Cart eCommerce Store.
To enable this, just go to >Super Powers> then click on the MailChimp app to enable.
You can also enable newsletter opt-in forms to show in the footer of your store by going to >Appearance>Theme Editor>Customize>General then turn on the Emai Footer widget to show.
You can now SCHEDULE promotional bars!
We've improved this tool today. You can now set Start and End times for when your promotional bars appear. This new functionality is live in your account and you'll see these new settings when edit your promotional bars or create a new one.
promo bars 2
promo bars
We've also added the ability for you to open button clicks in a new tab.
open in new window
Promotional Bars are LIVE
Create, edit, and customize your own promotional bars that show on top of your store to increase customer conversions and let visitors know of important things.
This feature can be found in your account under >Super Powers > Promotional bars.
The Data Export Wizard is here!
Use our brand new Export Wizard to download your customer data. You can also schedule your data to be exported on a recurring basis. You can find this new Export Wizard under >Settings.
Watch this video to learn how it works...
We've made it easier to add a custom domain
We've improved our >Settings>Custom Domains page and made it simpler to add a custom domain to your Launch Cart Store. Learn what's new in this video...
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