Order Lookup, Drag 'n Drop Categories, Zoom in Product Previews and more...
We've got great news.
Our developers have been working hard on new improvements. Here's what's new in your account.
Order Lookup:
Your store's customers now have a place on your store where they lookup their previous orders and viewing shipping tracking. This "order lookup" link is now available in the footer of your store.
Drag 'n Drop Categories:
Now you can easily rearrange your categories list and change the order by dragging and dropping your categories in any order you'd like.
Zoom in Product Previews:
Now when a visitor is viewing a product on your store, they can mouse-over a product image and see an enlarged zoomed in version.
Site Search:
We've improved your store's search function. Made it faster and enabled a search box on the top of your store.
New Designs:
100's of additional Images have been added to the design marketplace. If you haven't checked yet, browse over to the Design Marketplace to see all the new images that are available to be purchased to be used on your own custom Print on Demand products.