Close/Archive your stores
Launch Cart now allows you to close/archive a store if you want to permanently deactivate a store. To do this, click on the >profile icon on top right of page, then go to >Create/Manage stores.
HTML and Copy/Paste Text Allowed in Page Builder
The page builder now allows the ability to copy and paste and has the ability to insert HTML code. Watch today's video to learn how this new functionality works.
Sell Digital Downloads From Launch Cart
Now you can sell Digital Download Files from your Launch Cart store.
To find this new tool, just Edit any product or Create a New product and scroll down to either the "Digital Downloads" section or look for the "Digital Downloads" column in your variant table.
Drag 'n Drop Page Builder Added
Use our new Drag 'n Drop page builder to create more long-form sales pages and better looking full page layouts.
To find this new feature, go to >Appearance>Pages and then "Create A New" page.
Reviews are now being collected!
Another HUGE update by the Launch Cart development team.
Your Launch Cart store is now collecting reviews from your customers. This new reviews tool is packed with features.
This new Review tool includes features like...
  • Allow you to see and manage all your reviews at once.
  • Customize the look and feel of your Reviews widget
  • Collect Reviews from verified customers
  • Send out coupons enticing customers to leave a review
  • Get notified of when a new review comes in
  • And more...
To get access to this feature, just login to your Launch Cart Admin area and go to> Super Powers >Reviews
Upload Videos, 3D Models, and Embed YouTube videos to your Product Listings
Launch Cart's new media upload tool now supports mp4 video uploads, images, the ability to embed YouTube video URLs, and 3d model images.
Just edit an existing product OR create a new product to see this new media uploader.
Accept PayPal Payments From Launch Cart
We have the GREATEST news ever!! PayPal is finally LIVE and available in your store. Every Launch Cart store owner can now accept PayPal payments by enabling this new feature.
Just login to your Launch Cart store admin area, go to >Settings>Payment Providers> and then mouse over the PayPal option and click to to enable.
Once this feature is enabled, your store will allow your visitors to checkout and pay with PayPal.
And yes, you can enable Launch Cart Payments (powered by Stripe.com) at the same time too.
New Shipping Feature
Part 1
Part 2
We've released a HUGE feature that gives you more control over your shipping rates. Watch these 2 short videos to learn how to create shipping rules, how to create custom shipping rates, and how to limit your products to certain countries and regions.
You can find this new feature in >Settings>Shipping
New Tax Controls
New Tax Controls are here.
You now have full control over your tax rates. You can either disable or enable taxes for your account on a country, state/city/providence or even zip/postal code range.
Watch the video above to learn how to enable taxes and how to create a new rule.
Inventory Management is here!
Inventory management is here. You'll see a new section in your Launch Cart admin called "Inventory" that will allow you to control what happens to sold-out products.
These new features include:
  • How much inventory a product & variant has
  • What happens when a product becomes out of stock (choose to keep selling or stop selling)
  • Search and edit all your product inventory levels
  • Enable product inventory to be tracked by the Launch Cart system
To enable this new feature, just click on "Edit" on one of your manually created products and turn ON the "track inventory" option. Once you've enabled this, you can head over to Products>Inventory to make more changes.
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