Bulk / Wholesale Discounts

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Discounts for larger quantities for those selling in bulk with accompanying price tables, like
Product A
qty 1-10 10$
qty 11-50 9$
qty 51-99 7$

Important: Option that qty can be distributed over several products. background: lets say im offering a bulk discount not only on a product like "micky mouse socks", but on any type of product that is in the "socks" category. this way we can run bulk discounts not only on products, but also on categories!

Also, cart nogifications like: "Only 2 more socks to unlock a whopping 30% DISCOUNT!"

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A good example right now is Amazon since the new year has had the little buy 2 or more for 5% discounts. Also eBay has it. Etsy does not and it hurts sales there.

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